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Berkeley's Got Great Bones

BY Trevor Chetlin August 15, 2018

Lace up! Berkeley is super walkable: leafy streets, diverse neighborhoods, trendy shops, and cafes. The more time you spend walking Berkeley, one aspect of the city stands out: it's all about the architecture!

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Dine Explore

Berkeley Sightseeing Guide for Foodies

BY Visit Berkeley April 20, 2016

Berkeley is a city of neighborhoods, each with independent mantra, mood and food. There’s something fun to see and do in every district of the city, and just as important, something delicious to nosh on practically every corner. Try pairing sightseeing with a local culinary adventure to explore each of Berkeley’s “boroughs.”

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Vegetarian & Vegan Dining Guide

BY Visit Berkeley January 01, 0001

Berkeley is a "Garden of Eatin" when it comes to plant-based dining. Visit Berkeley's new Guide to Vegetarian & Vegan dining offers a bounty of options to really eat fresh.

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